• Euroquiz Final 2018 Part 1

  • Euroquiz Final 2018 Part 2

  • Our World 2017 - 18

    The films below were made during the 2017 - 18 cycle of the project. This was SEETs first year running the project under the name 'Our World' as well as our first time working with businesses such as Brodies LLP and Historic Environment Scotland to deliver the workshops.

    Perth Grammar 2017 -18

  • St Thomas of Aquins 2017 - 18

  • Lenzie Academy 2017 - 18

  • Perth Grammar 2017 -18

  • Marr College 2017 - 18

  • Shawlands Academy 2017 - 18

  • Douglas Academy

  • Balfron High School 2017 - 18

  • St Mungos Academy 2017 - 18

  • Harlaw Academy 2017 - 18

  • Hazlehead Academy 2017 - 18

  • Harlaw Academy 2017 - 18

  • Hazlehead Academy 2017 - 18

  • Harlaw Academy 2017 - 18

    Our World, CISS, Historic Environment Scotland & Lasswade High School 2017 - 18

    The films below were made during the 2017 - 18 cycle of the Our World project. This was SEET's first time working in partnership with the Confucious Institute for Scotland's Schools, Historic Environment Scotland and Lasswade high school to deliver a BLC programme for pupils.

  • Lasswade High School, HES & CISS 2017 -18

  • Lasswade High School, HES & CISS 2017 -18

  • Lasswade High School, HES & CISS 2017 -18

  • Lasswade High School, HES & CISS 2017 -18

  • Lasswade High School, HES & CISS 2017 -18

  • Euroquiz Final 2017 (part 1)

  • Euroquiz Final 2017 (part 2)

  • Euroquiz Final 2016

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    The annual Euroquiz gives P6 pupils the chance to show off both their language skills and European knowledge. After battling it out in local heats from January to March, successful teams win their places here at the national finals. In 2016 we had 31 schools from across Scotland representing their local authorities. Subjects covered in the quiz include history, geography, sport, culture, languages and the European Union. Click here to watch the finalist teams competing to be crowned Euroquiz Champions 2016!

    You can also click on the links above to download the file (one for a smaller SD file and one for the HD file).

  • Our Europe Highlights

    Our Europe is an innovative project run by the Scottish European Educational Trust, which uses the medium of film making to encourage language learning, skills development and confidence building among pupils. We are inviting S3 to S6 students from all Scottish schools to participate!

    Below are films made over the past few years of the project

    (If files don't load straight away, give them a minute and they should appear.)

  • Balfron High School 2016-17

  • Berwickshire High School 2016 - 17

  • Cliftonhall School 2016-17

  • Dalziel High School 2016-17

  • Lenzie Academy 2016-17

  • Perth Grammar 2016 - 17

  • Springburn 2016 - 17

  • St Luke's High School 2016 - 17

  • St Margaret's School 2016 - 17

  • St Mungos Academy 2016 - 17

  • St Rochs Secondary 2016 -17

  • St Thomas Aquinas 2016 - 17

    Our Europe 2015 - 16

    The films below were made during the 2015 - 16 cycle of the project. During this year, the project moved away from the competition model of previous years and focused more on inclusion and skills development. This meant rather than having semi-finals and a subsequent winner, we hosted 3 film making workshops (rather than one) and gave a variety of different awards during a Premiere/Awards Ceremony at the Scottish Parliament.

  • St Rochs Secondary 2015 - 16

    Umaru, Zidane, Yusuf and Walter from St Rochs (Glasgow) made this film, Melting Pot, in the 2015 - 16 project. They won the award for Most Creative Content as well as the Peer Choice Award which was voted for by the other participants.
  • St Luke's High School 2015 - 16

    The team from St Luke's (Glasgow) worked hard to come up with their fun, engaging film!
  • Lenzie Academy 2015 - 16

    The Lenzie academy film was chock-a-block full of information. Get ready to feel informed!
  • Kirkcaldy High School 2015 - 16

    The boys from Kirkcaldy High made this action packed film, for which they received a high commended award at the awards ceremony.
  • Drumchapel High School 2015 - 16

    This family holiday film won the team from Drumchapel the award for Best Acting. Get ready, we think you'll see why!
  • St Mungos 2015 -16

    This film, made by pupils of St Mungos in Falkirk, won the award for Best Use of Languages. We were all impressed by their use of so many different languages (which they had never used before!).
  • Harlaw Academy 2015 - 16

    The girls from Harlaw went above and beyond to make their film. Having missed out on a workshop, they spent the day with SEET staff shooting their film around their school!
  • Holyrood Secondary 2015 - 16

    This lovely super hero inspired piece was created by the team from Holyrood. How great is the storybook effect?!
  • Auchinleck Academy 2015 - 16

    This film by the team from Auchinleck won them the award for Best European Content AND includes the use of some Swedish! Very impressive.
  • Cardinal Newman 2015 - 16

    The girls from CNHS were inspired to make this language filled film by Dora The Explorer!
  • St Mungos 2015 -16

    This film was made by a second team from St Mungo's and won the Special Achievement Award for the girls' amazing progress throughout the project.
  • St Rochs 2015 - 16

    This film was made by another St Rochs team, and is based on a multi-lingual panel debate!
  • Falkirk High School 2015 - 16

    The Falkirk girls made our only Christmas themed film of the year. Get ready to feel both festive and informed!
  • Balfron High School 2015 -16

    This funny, road trip themed film was made by the team from Balfron. It's quick cuts and comedic timing won them the award for Best Use of Editing.
  • Drumchapel 2015 - 16

    The girls from Drumchapel worked hard to come up with their concept of a time travel based story!

    Our Europe 2014 - 15

    The films below were made during the 2014 - 15 cycle of the project. During that year the project was more competition focused, with semi finals and finals taking place. We were lucky enough to gain sponsorship to take the two finalist teams to Brussels, where they made their final Directors Cut style films.

  • Balfron High School 2014 - 15 (Brussels Final)

    This film was the overall winner of the 2014 - 15 project. It was made by Erin, Tess, Anisah and Harriet during the grand final in Brussels.
  • Lenzie Academy 2014 -15 (Brussels Final)

    This film won the boys second place overall for 2014 -15. It was made during the grand final in Brussels!
  • Douglas Academy 2014 -15

  • Balfron High School 2014 - 15

    Erin, Anisha, Tess and Harriet explore Europe and take a trip to Eurovision in an Our Europe campervan! With interviews, facts and high drama their film is certainly worth a watch!

  • Lenzie Academy 2014 -15

    While trying to make their course choices Joshua, David, Jonathon and Rahul are sucked into their computer and take the opportunity to explore future career options in Europe. The mix of language skills and comedy was what bagged the boys a place in the final.

  • Kinross High School 2014 - 15

  • Marr College 2014 - 15

  • St Luke's High School 2014 - 15

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