"It just made the pupils so much more confident, and they all decided to take languages again next year!"

Our World

About the project

Our World is a languages and citizenship based film making project for S3 - S6 pupils. It's designed to compliment the curriculum for excellence and attainment challenge by providing a free project, which uses an interdisciplinary approach to encourage pupils to become more engaged in their language learning. The project consists of 3 main stages, which are outlined below:

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Phase 1: Research and Development

Teams of 4 (S3-S6) design a storyboard which outlines the film they propose to make. This year's films should explore the idea of global citizenship, they must include the use of a language other than English and should touch on one or more of the following themes:

- Migration and welcome

- Travel and leisure

- Trade

Once the idea is finalised teams send it to us in storyboard form. Storyboard templates are available for download in our 'downloads' section. Teams also submit an audio or video recording alongside their storyboards (any format, from MP3 to DVD or YouTube video!) in which they talk us through the idea. All storyboards and audio/video recordings should be submitted to SEET by 12noon on 8th December 2016 to be eligible to take part. SEET staff are now conducting visits to schools who are interested in taking part. Contact us to arrange a visit to your school.

Phase 2: Film Making Workshop

The second phase of the project will be an all day film making workshop, where teams can turn their storyboards into real films. Pupils will have the opportunity to work with media professionals and SEET staff to produce and edit their films on the iPads provided. The films should reflect the original theme and include at least one language other than English. There will be 3 workshops held between January and March, with around 6 teams attending each. We hope to make these workshops easily accessible to schools who enter, so we plan to host one in the north, east and west of Scotland.

Phase 3: Premiere & Awards Ceremony

The third stage of Our World will take place in March or April 2018 after the films are completed. All teams who made a film will be invited to attend a grand premiere and awards ceremony where they can view the films they made. Pupils will be welcome to invite their friends and family to join them in celebrating their work. Then, following the screening there will be an awards ceremony, where pupils will receive recognition for their hard work and achievements throughout the project.

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