"It just made the pupils so much more confident, and they all decided to take languages again next year!"



- How do I enter?

Fill in a registration form here, then you can contact to arrange SEET visits to your school. Once entries are completed you can send us your storyboards and audio/video clips to, or find our postal address here.

- What do does an entry look like?

To enter, pupils form teams of 4 and come up with ideas for a film based on this year's theme. Teams put their ideas into a storyboard and send it to us, along with a short audio or video clip explaining the idea.

- What is this year's theme?

This year's films should explore the idea of global citizenship, they must include the use of a language other than English and should touch on one or more of the following themes:

- Migration and welcome

- Sustainable Tourism

- Trade

- How many teams can participate from each school?

There is no limit to how many teams can take part from each school but we do ask that if a whole class is participating, the teacher narrows the entries at their own discretion before sending them in (due to limited space at workshops). Remember to state how many teams you wish to enter when registering.

- Does everyone who submits a storyboard get to make a film?

SEET is keen to involve as many schools as possible in Our World. We currently have space for around 18 teams to make films, ideally this will be one team per school. Therefore, if we receive high entry numbers, SEET will select the 18 storyboards we feel best respond to the theme.

- How long can the storyboard presentations be?

Storyboard presentations (the audio/video clips) must be no longer than 3 minutes.

- In what format must the storyboard presentations be submitted?

Submissions/ presentations can be recorded in any format. However, we recommend sending audio files saved as mp3 and videos as mp4. We do also accept entries via Dropbox.

- What languages can be used in the film?

All entries must be recorded in English, however part of the film must be in at least one other language. Transcripts in English must be provided for parts of the film that are in another language.

- How do schools submit recordings?

Physical storyboards and any recordings saved to USB devices can be posted to the SEET address found on our website. Alternatively videos can be saved online and linked to SEET’s Dropbox account. Further information about this method will be given to schools who wish to share their entries online. All entries must be received before 12noon on Tuesday 3rd December.

- When will teams be notified about whether they will have a space in a workshop?

Teams will receive feedback by January 2020 about the status of their entry.

- Will there be financial help available to cover costs of transport and/or accommodation associated with the film making workshop?

If you feel you will not be able to participate in the project due to restricted funds for transport and/or accommodation please get in touch with the Trust to see what help is available.

- How long are finished films?

Finished films are usually around 3 minutes long. They should be no shorter than 1.5 minutes and no longer than 3.5 minutes.

- Can you bring any footage with you?

Yes, if you want to pre-record footage at your school you can do so and bring it with you. You are allowed to bring up to 45 seconds of footage with you, just remember you film in landscape and figure out how to drop the footage into the ipad.

- Do you wear school uniforms to workshops?

You don't have to wear school uniforms to the workshops, but teachers can decided you should if they wish.

If you have any further questions regarding Our World, please get in touch with Alex at SEET: