Euroquiz Winners

Euroquiz Winners

Congratulations to the P6 team from Cradlehall Primary School in Inverness who won the Scottish European Educational Trust’s national Euroquiz final, which took place in the Scottish Parliament yesterday (13 May 2013). Team members Anna Taylor, Logan Ewan, Paul Wilby and Adam McArthur beat the team from St. Leonard’s Primary School in South Lanarkshire with their fingers on the buzzer in a close run final round. Kellands Primary from Inverurie took third place, after an exciting tiebreak against Edinburgh’s Blackhall Primary.

The European Parliament is the main sponsor of this year’s event, which aims to develop the knowledge of Europe and the European Union amongst Scotland’s young people. Twenty nine teams of primary six pupils from schools from the Western Isles to Dumfries and Galloway arrived at the Parliament’s debating chamber with high hopes of being crowned Euroquiz 2013 winners. Despite a delayed start due to a fire evacuation, the students’ focus was not disturbed, as they demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge about European countries, history, culture, current affairs and the EU. Martin Schultz, President of the European Parliament, sent his “warmest congratulations” to finalists in this year’s Euroquiz: “2013 is the European Year of Citizens and I am delighted that the citizens of the future are learning so actively about their European neighbours and our shared European values and objectives.”

The quiz is run by the Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET) with almost 1300 pupils from 315 schools competing in the heats held across 29 of the 32 local authorities throughout the school year. The winning teams from each heat took part in yesterday’s grand final, which was hosted by Elaine Smith MSP, Deputy Presiding Officer. James Temple-Smithson, Head of the European Parliament’s office in Scotland, and Alyn Smith MEP provided the answers as the audience were asked to pit their knowledge against that of these youngsters.

For the first time this year, the event has attracted Scottish Government funding to support the inclusion of a language component in the Euroquiz. In the language round participants had to demonstrate their understanding of simple questions and phrases spoken in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Mike Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, commented that the Euroquiz is a “wonderful way to learn about Europe and its rich history and culture. It opens minds to other people, their language and countries and is a great opportunity for young Scots to learn about Europe and Scotland’s place in it.”

Cradlehall headteacher Lawrence Sutherland said, “The team has worked so diligently, doing their own research and studying different European topics each week in preparation for this event. It has clearly broadened their knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures, while teaching them to work together as a team. They deserve this win.”
One of the winning pupils from the Cradlehall team said, “This is the first time our school has made it to the final in Edinburgh, and then we won! I enjoyed learning lots about Europe and the EU as we prepared for Euroquiz.”

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