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Our Europe

We have been really enjoying our school visits across Scotland over the past few weeks. The deadline for Our Europe is fast approaching! All teams of pupils (aged S3-S6) need to be registered and storyboards sent by 8th December 2016!

This year’s films should explore the idea of global citizenship, they must include the use of a language other than English and should touch on one or more of the following themes:
- Migration and welcome

- Travel and leisure

- Trade

Remember it is not too late to sign up, just visit our website.


A fun, informative way to get your P6s learning about Europe!

Plans are well underway for Euroquiz 2017. Euroquiz is an annual event in which P6 pupils from across Scotland form teams to demonstrate just how much they know about Europe and its languages.

If you haven’t already signed up your P6 team, contact your local organiser to see if there’s still space. Keep an eye on the website for any new resources over the coming weeks. We also have some NEW sample Euroquiz papers – just click on the link at the top of our resources page here. Have fun preparing your teams!


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