Our Europe Workshops Completed

Our Europe Workshops Completed

After 2 amazing full day workshops in Glasgow, the Our Europe 2016- 17 film making process has now been completed!
Pupils from all over Scotland formed teams to come up with ideas and submit their storyboards back in December. 12 of those teams were chosen, and came to join us for one of two all day film making workshops in Glasgow. Pupils worked with Arran Moffat from Glo Cast Ltd. (a professional film maker) and the SEET team to learn how to plan, shoot and edit their film. They spent the day developing their languages and confidence while honing their film making skills, and the results have been incredible!
We are delighted with the standard of films this year, and especially how well the pupils responded to our new themes of: Migration and Welcome, Travel and Leisure and/or Trade.
Next, teams will bring their friends, family, teachers and classmates to a Premiere and Awards Ceremony at the Scottish Parliament, where they will collectively watch the finished films for the very first time.
We cannot wait to share the finished films with you!


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