SEET's Our World Launches!

SEET's Our World Launches!

SEET’s annual film making project is back! But this year, it’s bigger, it’s better and it’s even had a little name change to freshen things up!

We are happy to announce the launch of:

Our World

Our World will continue the work of Our Europe, but with more of an emphasis on the themes and issues surrounding Global Citizenship. The project welcomes the use of any world languages, in relation to the themes:

- Migration and Welcome
- Travel and Leisure
- Trade

As always, the project is open to any team of 4 S3 – S6 pupils who wish to participate. To sign up a team just click here.
If you’d like to arrange for SEET staff to come to your school and run an introductory session just get in touch and let us know.

The deadline for storyboard entries is the 4th December.